Suspension & Rigging

CASA is your one stop solution provider for all kind of suspension & rigging parts for lighting + industrial ducting requirements. All the products are customized and there is no barrier of material to develop a new design. Below is the list of article we can offer –

  • Cable Blockers made of Brass / Zinc in various surface finishes as raw, nickel and chrome.
  • Suspension wires made of SS / GI in constructions like 7X7, 1X19 and 1X12 in sizes 0.8 mm to 2.5 mm.
  • Ceiling attachments – “Couplers/Caps” made of brass or any required material as per customer’s design.
  • Crimping OR End castings for wire ropes are made as per demand and customer’s design.
  • Metal cable trays are made with the specification given by customers.
  • Sheet metal canopies with ceiling bracket and accessories like hooks, cord grips and nut + bolts.

We can provide all kind of test certificates and QC reports on demand; for entire range of suspension and rigging. All new projects will be taken care as per standards and full confidentiality. Our product is guaranteed by various and constant inspections, from the raw materials, through the various stages of processing and continuing until the final tests of the finished product which is performed in certified laboratory.

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